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Our wickless scent cubes are the perfect way to experience our best-selling fragrances in a smaller, more portable form. With no need for a candle wick, simply place one or two cubes into a wax warmer and let the delightful aroma fill your space. Each assortment of wax cubes is carefully selected by hand, with scents and shapes changing with the seasons for a different experience every time. Whether you're new to our collection or just want to mix things up, our wickless scent cubes are a great way to explore our signature fragrances with ease. Try them out before committing to a larger size and discover your new favorite scent today!

Summer Wickless Scent Cubes


Hand poured in USA



Vegan, Non-Toxic & Biodegradable

Paraben & Phthalate-Free

Burn time 20 hours per cube

Each cube 1.45 oz.

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