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GIRLS TRIP is like a summer cruise in the tropics! With tropical notes of mango, passionfruit and peach as the star of the show, this candle will transport you to an island getaway right within the four walls of your home. Spiced with clove, tobacco leaves, teakwood, and amber, Girls Trip is a delightful sunkissed splash of warmth in a jar. Whether you're looking to enhance an all girls' trip or simply enjoy a moment immersed in the Carribeans from the comfort of your home, GIRLS TRIP is the perfect choice for a refreshing and exotic atmosphere. 

GIRLS TRIP | Soy Candle

  • Hand poured in USA 
  • Lead-Free, braided cotton wicks 
  • Reuseable Glass Container
  • Vegan, Non-Toxic & Biodegradable 
  • Paraben & Phthalate-Free 
  • Scent throw BOLD
  • Burn time up to 55 hours (8oz.)
  • Burn time up to 120 hours (22oz.)

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