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My name is Phiana, I am a mother of two and the owner of momMY TIMΞ candlΞ co.. I birthed this brand because motherhood races towards many of us like a stampede. There is never an opportunity to truly plan for the highs and lows we experience along the way. And before we know it we've spent so much time trying to manage the impact, we forget to address the toll it has taken on our minds, bodies, and spirits. Motherhood consistently knocks the wind out of us with little to no time to recoup. I created this brand for mothers like me. Mothers who don't have all the answers. Mothers who make mistakes. Mothers who sacrifice daily, but most of all mothers who need a break. We get frustrated, overwhelmed, and frankly tired of mothering sometimes, but we push forward. We often times push forward pass our needs and wants, ultimately sacrificing the momMY TIMΞ necessary to be the best versions of ourselves. momMY TIMΞ candlΞ co. is here to support you and your restorative refill. Providing safe, non- toxic and long- lasting aromatic home fragrances; our candle selections aid in creating your desired momMY TIMΞ experience. With mothers in mind we have carefully selected scents that assist in your restoration, rejuvenation and refueling process. We truly believe that momMY TIMΞ is essential in establishing a healthy balance between motherhood and who we are outside of it. Whatever your momMY TIMΞ journey looks like, it's yours, be intentional, unapologetic, consistent and authentic.

Remember your loved ones need you at your best, because this world would not exist without our mothers!

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